These are the abridged notes I took while reviewing Horrible Bosses. You can read the full review here.

+ VO is funny – defies plot contrivance

+ fourth wall-breaking

+ more engaging than most comedies

+ Kevin Spacey’s eccentric boss – surprisingly good comedic actor

+ Colin Farrell is almost unrecognisable – but very good

– Jennifer Aniston’s character gets annoying fast

+ subtle references for more attentive viewers

– running jokes wear off fast

– plot is too absurd

+ Jason Sudekis is the star performer

– quite repetitive

+ physical comedy e.g. hitting garage door

+ great chemistry between 3 leads

+ Charlie Day is very good

+ music is used effectively

+ story becomes more interesting as the film goes on

+ Spacey is fantasic

+ good ending

+ entertaining end credits

In our review, we gave Horrible Bosses 7 out of 10. You can read it here.