These are the abridged notes I took while reviewing Batman: Assault on Arkham. You can read the full review here.

+ some good humour e.g. Google joke

+ good animation style – faithful to games

+ Kevin Conroy is superb as always as Batman

+ great, well-directed action scenes

+ pretty brutal – broken hands and blood within first five minutes

+ really fantastic intro montage – original and light-hearted

+ wide variety of interesting and obscure characters

+ great music throughout

– Captain Boomerang is quite poorly voiced

+ good writing – jokes for all ages

– some scenes last too long once dialogue has finished – very awkward

– Captain Boomerang also poorly written

+ Tara Strong is great as Harley Quinn

+ nice to hear Nolan North as Penguin

+ lots of character moments

+ tight editing between some scenes

+ very well edited

+ sets resemble the games e.g. Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge


+ Troy Baker is still fantastic as the Joker

+ Joker very well visualised

– some jokes get old e.g. ‘Yahtzee’

+ interesting to see Batman get some things wrong – adds to his depth

+ good to see the Suicide Squad fight between themselves

– some terribly corny jokes that didn’t fit in

+ nice to see lots of easter eggs e.g. Bozo’s mask from The Dark Knight

+ Black Spider is a great character

– shame that KGBeast became the ‘red jacket’ and died too early

– becomes too focused on action in the third act

+ gets quite tense

+ good plot twist involving Batman and Black Spider

+ nice to see extra villains

+ faithful to Arkham games

– final third is too bloated with action

In our review, we gave Batman: Assault on Arkham 8 out of 10. You can read it here.