The second trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released.

JJ Abrams’ continuation of the Star Wars saga is set to be released Christmas 2015, and this latest trailer was released as a part of the Star Wars Celebration event that took place today. You can see the trailer here:

Personally, I think this trailer was incredible. The best part of it is that we still don’t know too much about the plot of the film, and the trailer only gave us snippets of action, and some fantastic cinematography. Hopefully the remaining trailers will follow this pattern, because if the plot can be kept secret, the entire experience of The Force Awakens will be 10 times better.

There was plenty of great fan service, for example the appearance of R2D2 and even Han Solo and Chewbacca reunited, but my personal highlight was seeing the mangled remains of Darth Vader’s mask. Although he is canonically dead at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if he played a major role in the film: after all, the whole point of the first two trilogies was to tell the story of Anakin Skywalker’s fall from grace, so why would this be any different? Although it would be a bit predictable, nobody can deny that seeing Darth Vader return would be a treat.

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