Today I am happy to announce a new series of articles on their way to this blog, entitled Rapid Reviews. As I’m sure you know, most of the reviews on our site are around 1000 words, which aren’t ideal to pop in and out of if you are tight for time. For this reasons, from today I will be publishing the notes I take when watching these films, in bullet point form, and will also give my review score at the end, so it’s effectively a join-the-dots review. Today (Tuesday 14th April) I will publish two Rapid Reviews, which will be of Gone Girl and The Shawshank Redemption.

However, with the good news of this new series also comes a downfall. Over the coming months I will be very strained for time due to exams, meaning reviews and articles will become less frequent. For this reason, I’m currently trying to get some articles written that I can publish during this period, so you don’t miss out on our content. I may be able to upload quick news articles, but it will be unlikely that any new reviews will be published from the beginning of May to halfway through June. I currently have 3 reviews basically ready to publish, so they will be up during this period. I will also try and get a couple of top 10 articles done to be uploaded during this time, because they have proven popular.

Also, I haven’t forgotten about some of the older series such as Netflix and Amazon Roulette, so I will also try and get some of them going once I’m back.

I plead that you don’t forget this little blog exists during my absence, because once I’m free again I will be aiming to publish at least one review per day, if not more, so there is plenty to come in the oncoming months; let’s just say there will be a slight negative in order to obtain lots of positives.

As always, I thank you for reading and staying loyal, because it really really helps me out. See you next time!


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