Please note I watched this film twice for the review, so I do revert to the beginning about a third of the way through these notes.

+ typical Fincher – tight cuts/editing, bleak tone

+ brilliant screenplay by Gillian Flynn

+ parallels between happy flashbacks and bleak present

+ Ben Affleck is on fire

+ plot is very twisty and dense

+ absolutely gripping

+ the twist halfway through – WHAT

+ Rosamund Pike’s performance – especially after twist

+ Good performances all around

– rushed the blossoming relationship

– Amy’s motives are unclear

+ raises interesting points about media manipulation

– ending

+ moral ambiguity – unreliable narrators

+ beginning can be seen completely differently upon 2nd viewing

+ Carrie Coon’s performance – especially when considering it’s her first big film role

+ beginning – lots of shots of Nick and Amy together – great cinematography

+ Rosamund Pike’s performance is much more layered upon 2nd viewing – such as the treasure hunts

+ Expectations of ‘Amazing Amy’ left Amy twisted and bitter

+ Nick is feckless and a pushover to begin with

+ flashbacks – Nick thinks he knows Amy but that is far from the truth

– would’ve preferred some more flashbacks to flesh out their story and relationship

– it doesn’t make sense that Amy only wanted to ruin Nick after she caught him with Andie: why did she marry him unless she already loved him?

+ video game shows a world crumbling – like Nick’s

+ did Nick actually push Amy? – insane paranoia

+ Nick becomes more like his father – resentful of women

+ media is very biased in this film

+ multiple twists and turns keep viewers guessing

+ Nick acts very guilty because of Amy’s terrific plan

+ techno spikes in music is very unnerving

+ Amy’s revelation monologue is spectacular

– why did Amy hit herself with a hammer?

+ Tyler Perry is surprisingly great

+ 1st half is more enjoyable second time around, but

– 2nd half is less enjoyable second time around

+ To Amy, every man is a filthy pig

+ to Nick, every woman is controlling

+ Amy’s plan is admittedly genius – PHSYCOPATH!!!

+ Fincher’s stroke of genius of casting disliked/unknown actors/actresses

+ Film’s theme – you can’t trust anyone

+ comedic moments are infrequent but high-quality – gummy bears for example

– a few underdeveloped characters – Andie and Desi could’ve used more time

– surprised police didn’t follow up on Amy’s unreliable story after questioning

+ I hated Amy by the end – I wanted justice!

In our review, we gave Gone Girl 9 out of 10. You can read the full article here.


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