Yesterday (November 6th) turned out to be any cinema fan’s dream. Not only was the full title of the new Star Wars film announced, but Disney also released information on Toy Story 4, the newest entry into the Pixar staple (and unfortunately, cash-cow). Confirmed for a 2017 release, Toy Story 4 will be directed by Pixar regular, and director of the first two entries, John Lassenter.

Here at thatfilmbloguk, I am very excited about this announcement. The first two Toy Story films were some of my childhood favourites, and even though I was skeptical about the 11-year gap between 2 and 3, the fan’s eagerness was clear, with the film taking over $1 billion worldwide, and over $2.4 billion in merchandise, it would be so foolish for Disney to leave the franchise there. However, there are countless examples of fourth entries in a series bombing (Alien: Resurrection anyone?), I have faith that Lassenter can mould the film to be the follow-up such a prestigious series deserves.

Woody, Buzz and the gang will return in Toy Story 4 due to be released in June 2017.

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