In this ongoing lockdown period, comfort TV is pretty much the only way to operate. Watching something familiar and breezy can’t be beaten at the moment, and for that reason, it’s time to introduce Simpsons Saturdays.

Disney+ dropping in the UK in March was a big deal for us, primarily because it became the first place we could stream The Simpsons. Gone are the days of switching to Channel 4 by 6pm, then going over to Sky1 for hours of reruns: now, 30 seasons of one of TV’s best ever shows is at our fingertips.

And what better way to commemorate the timeless legacy of The Simpsons than so star a new weekly series, Simpsons Saturdays. Every Saturday evening on thatfilmbloguk, we’ll be reviewing a classic Simpsons episode – and would love you to join us.

The reviews will be pretty laidback, not as formal as our other stuff, and provide a great opportunity to discuss such a good show with fellow fans. If people want to email in or tweet us comments about the episode, we’ll be sure to feature them in the articles – either get us at or on Twitter @thatfilmbloguk.

Here is the preliminary schedule for episodes we’ll be reviewing:

  1. Homer’s Enemy – S8 E23
  2. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire – S1 E1
  3. Treehouse of Horror VI – S7 E6

So be sure to keep an eye out this Saturday for the first review – hope to have some good discussion afterwards!