The war of words between Robert De Niro and Donald Trump is back on, with the veteran actor appearing on The Late Show and labelling the current President a ‘lunatic’.

In a socially-distanced interview with Stephen Colbert, De Niro also gave a glimpse into his workout daily routine, revolving around reading scripts and the odd bit of exercise to keep him going.

While discussing a potential film adaption of the current coronavius pandemic, De Niro said he would want to play Andrew Cuomo – the Democratic New York governor who is currently trying to control the spread of the virus in the Big Apple, and whose leadership is markedly different to De Niro’s old enemy, Donald Trump – with Cuomo taking responsibility for failures to get widespread testing, while the President instead shakes it off.

De Niro made no efforts to hide his political views, heralding Cuomo for ‘doing what a President should do’ – but still backs Biden in this year’s upcoming election.

But presidential criticism quickly became the topic of conversation, and De Niro pulled no punches in his lambasting of America’s leader, saying ‘we could’ve survived this much better if idiot had done the right thing’ – and no marks for guessing who ‘idiot’ is.

‘There were many, many warnings, and we’re all paying for it now,’ De Niro goes on to say – no doubt attacking Trump for his slow response to the pandemic and failure to adequately lock down areas of the country like many other nations have. The Godfather alum labels Trump’s premiership ‘appalling’, focusing only on ‘getting re-elected’ rather than caring for the American population.

Robert De Niro goes on to lambast the Republican advisors around Trump who are failing to keep him in check, comparing it to Shakespeare, as they ‘sacrifice their souls to make this deal with the devil’.

Certainly a damning indictment from one of Trump’s most consistently vocal critics – and it looks like the iconic actor isn’t halting his criticism any time soon.

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