Potential spoilers for Rogue One, but note that this is all speculation and nothing here is confirmed.

The internet literally shook last Thursday (7th April) when the teaser trailer for the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: Rogue One dropped. In just three days it amassed more than 27 million views on YouTube alone, but there’s a few subtle details that you may have missed. Luckily, we’ve got a list of them. Apologies for the low quality images, they were captured straight from YouTube so the resolution has faltered. Anyway:

#1 – Gonk droids

From the outset, fans made it clear that if the Star Wars spin-offs were going to take place around the time of the original trilogy, they had to be pinpoint accurate. Thus, when we got a glimpse of the world-renowned gonk droids wandering around various rebel bases, our fears were obliterated. Take a look at these:

(C) Lucasfilm, Disney
(C) Lucasfilm, Disney

#2 – X-Wings

Less of a subtle one, throughout the trailer we get a few glimpses of the world-famous starfighter of choice for the Rebellion. Unlike in last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the X-Wings seen in the trailer look pretty dilapidated, hinting that the Rebel Alliance we encounter in this film is substantially weaker and less developed than that which we have seen elsewhere in the saga.

(C) Lucasfilm, Disney

#3 – Recognise This?

Glimpsed a few times in this trailer is the Rebel command room, where Jyn is given a briefing. Now, there’s a few things to pick out here, but the first is the room itself: an almost exact replica of that seen in A New Hopeand even the monitors have the same design as in the 1977 original:

(C) Lucasfilm, Disney
(C) Lucasfilm


#4 – Recognise Her?

Also in this room, Jyn (Felicity Jones) has a conversation with Mon Mothma, played by Genevieve O’Reilly. Recognise her? She also played Mothma in 2005’s Revenge of the Sith; a nice piece of continuity and fan service. Mothma first appeared in 1983’s Return of the Jedi, then played by Caroline Blakiston, so it’s nice to see this familiar face pop up again.

(C) Lucasfilm, Disney

#5 – Stormtroopers

Quite an obvious one, but as I’m sure you know, everyone’s favourite bullet-soakers are back in Rogue One, and their design is throwing it right back to the original trilogy. The First Order Stormtroopers in The Force Awakens had a sleeker, more modern design, but considering this film’s time period (soon before A New Hope), it makes sense that their design is very much identical to their 1978 counterparts. Compare for yourself:

(C) Lucasfilm, Disney

#6 – New Slaves

Linked to the appearance of our original Stormtroopers, it’s interesting to see that a few new Stormtrooper types are being incorporated. We’ve got heavier-built troopers, a design quite distinct to anything we saw in the original trilogy (first image), what could be new Shadow Troopers (second image), these gold troopers (third image) that have a helmet very similar to Scout Troopers. Director Gareth Edwards is giving us the old, but also treating fans with a new (and equally badass) viewpoint on some of the galaxy’s most sinister gunmen.

(C) Lucasfilm, Disney
(C) Lucasfilm, Disney
(C) Lucasfilm, Disney

#7 – Ben Mendelsohn

Now, this is one of the most exciting elements of the trailer. Ben Mendelsohn’s casting was unexpected, and his character has been shrouded in mystery, which has thankfully been preserved by this trailer. That said, we’ve had a few glimpses of his character, as you can see below. Rumours are circulating that he’s playing a younger Grand Moff Tarkin, due to the grey robes and chest badge, but it remains unclear.

(C) Lucasfilm, Disney

On the note of a lack of clarity:

#8 – The Kneeling Figure

This is possibly the film’s biggest mystery. About halfway through this trailer, we see a hood figure kneeling to a beam of light, flanked by Imperial Guards. Who is this person? Some think it may be Darth Vader, but our theory is that it’s Emperor Palpatine (hence the black robes and guards) kneeling to a hologram of Supreme Leader Snoke. It would explain a lot, and link it neatly into our new trilogy, but as of yet, it’s a mystery.

(C) Lucasfilm, Disney

#9 – That Ending Shot

This really is quite interesting. Our final shot has Jyn, clothed in Imperial armour, looking pretty unnerved. My theory is that she’s an undercover agent, infiltrating the Empire to snatch the Death Star blueprints, and that her mood may be due to her company: my currrent trail of thought is that she has just come face-to-face with the newly-introduced Darth Vader.

(C) Lucasfilm, Disney

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