These are the abridged notes I took while reviewing Ted. You can read the full review here.

+ Patrick Stewart’s opening voice-over is great

+ some superb gags

+ actually paints John as quite a sympathetic character

– John’s child actor isn’t that good – poor impression of Wahlberg’s accent

+ Apache helicopter joke

+ Ted’s very well animated – incredibly realistic

+ young Ted in kitchen scene is great

+ flashback scenes

+ fantastic score

+ story-driven first act

+ some good Family Guy references

– some of the humour is too random and strays too far from the original joke/concept

+ Thunder buddies scene

+ Mark Wahlberg is good as John

+ Mila Kunis is also very good as Lori – convincing, layered performance

+ nice to see Joel McHale in a bigger film – great actor

+ extended edition enhances story

+ 2008 flashback scene is very good

– poop/fart jokes felt very out of place

– cutaway gags are inconsistent

+ Ted is a brilliant character

+ some great establishing shots

+ some of the writing is brilliant

+ sets quite a sombre tone at times

+ chemistry between John and Lori is great

– occasionally too brutal/gross

– some angrily written jokes

+ Flash Gordon gags

+ Peter Griffin reference

+ party scene is fantastic – so irreverent and quirky

+ Ryan Reynolds cameo is excellent

– pacing is a bit off

+ motel fight is pretty good

– Donnie’s plot comes in way too late

+ Donnie is well-developed in extended edition

+ Ted’s heartfelt ending monologue

In our review, we gave Ted 8 out of 10. You can read the full review here.