With monster hits such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Inception under his belt, it’s no surprise that Tom Hardy is one of Hollywood’s most popular and most in-demand leading men. Today, we count down Tom’s highest-grossing films. Please note that the values stated are American domestic box-office figures, and our source is Box Office Mojo. Let’s get into the list:

#10 – RockNRolla (2008)

In Guy Ritchie’s London-set crime thriller RockNRolla, Hardy plays Handsome Bob, a gangster who is not only charming, but perfectly capable of kicking your head in. Although quite a minor role, RockNRolla helped put Hardy on the radars of critics and movie-goers everywhere, however due to the British setting, only managed to make a meagre $5.7 million at the US box office.

#9 – The Drop (2014)

In The Drop – one of James Gandolfini’s final films – Tom plays Bob, who discovers a deep conspiracy in his neighbourhood after botching a robbery. This film went mostly under the radar, but currently holds a solid 7.1 on IMDb, and managed to make a considerable amount more than RockNRolla, raking in $10.7 million domestically.

#8 – Warrior (2011)

In Warrior, Hardy plays martial artist Tommy Conlon, who develops a fierce rivalry with his brother Brendan (Joel Edgerton) after their alcoholic father chooses to train Tommy. This film was well received, holding a great score of 8.2 on IMDb and also earning an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. It also managed to make a respectable $13.7 million at the US box office, helping to cement Hardy as a force to be reckoned with.

#7 – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)

Based on John le Carré’s novel of the same name and also starring famous British actors such as Mark Strong, Colin Firth and Gary Oldman, Hardy here plays Ricki Tarr, a rogue agent who tells Oldman’s character that there is a mole in the government, kick-starting the story. This thriller managed to make $24.1 million in America, all while earning 3 Oscar nominations, meaning two Hardy films were nominated for the same Oscar ceremony: not bad for an actor that was yet to crack the mainstream.

#6 – Lawless (2012)

One of Hardy’s first leading roles in a Hollywood film, he plays Forrest Bondurant, one of the three brothers that come under pressure from a new police deputy for a cut of their ill-gotten profits. This film – also starring greats such as Shia LaBeouf and Jessica Chastain – really helped Hardy crack into the Hollywood mainstream, earning an impressive $37.4 million in the USA alone, cementing Hardy as a contemporary star.

#5 – Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

One of the final hurrahs of the cast of Star Trek: The Next GenerationNemesis follows Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard as the crew of the USS Enterprise try and negotiate peace with their arch-enemies the Romulans by visiting their home planet. Hardy plays Shinzon, the human clone of Stewart’s Picard, and thanks to this role helped put him on the map. Although not widely praised by critics, this interstellar caper managed to make $43.3 at the US box office.

#4 – This Means War (2012)

One of Hardy’s few comedic roles, in This Means War, he stars alongside Chris Pine as secret agent Tuck, both of whom are vying for the affection of Reese Witherspoon’s Lauren. Although not hugely well-received by critics, this film not only highlighted Hardy’s range as an actor, but brought his talent to the attentions of the American population, in one of his first starring roles. The film managed to make $54.8 million in the US alone.

#3 – Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

One of Hardy’s biggest roles so far, here he took over from Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky, the rogue warrior who traverses across the film’s dystopian landscape in a variety of Wacky Racers-esque vehicles. In this entry, he has to escort Charlize Theron’s Furiosa to her homeland, all whilst fighting Nicholas Hoult’s zany villain Nux. The film was not only well-received by critics, holding an 8.5 score on IMDb and with a sequel in the works, but also a commercial success, making $147 million in the US alone, proving that Tom Hardy is one of the biggest stars of today.

#2 – Inception (2010)

The role that truly propelled Hardy into worldwide stardom, in Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending thriller Inception, Hardy plays the sarcastic Brit Eames, who is responsible for forging documentation and personalities in the film’s dream sequences, being able to come up with pretty much anything required. Nolan’s trust in Hardy allowed him to shine and be one of the film’s standout performers, helping it to win 4 Oscars, getting it into the top 15 films of all time on IMDb and making $293 million at the American box office alone.

#1 – The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Another Nolan film, in the finale to the Dark Knight Batman trilogy, Hardy plays Bane, a mercenary excommunicated from the League of Shadows, who is tasked with breaking Christian Bale’s Batman once and for all. Although not as critically-praised as the previous two film, The Dark Knight Rises was still considered one of the greatest films of 2012, and also managed to make an astounding $448 million in America alone, proving that Hardy is one of the world’s most prominent actors.

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