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Superman: The Last Son of Krypton is (I believe) a TV film, setting up the 90’s cartoon Superman: The Animated Series, the successor to the highly popular Batman series of the same name. If this is the case, I certainly enjoyed this film, but if my facts are wrong in this instance, I would be slightly more disappointed. This film manages to tells a concise story, with the first third on Krypton, the second third in Smallville, and the final third in Metropolis. I quite liked this formula in theory, but I feel like, in practice, there were a couple of issues. Firstly, the balancing of time spent in each area is slightly off. We get to see a bit too much of Krypton, slightly more than in Man of Steel, and certainly more than in Superman: The Movie, and I feel like it drags. However, this segment did set up some interesting plot points that haven’t been explored in any of Superman’s other cinematic adventures, such as the relationship between Lara and her father, and most interestingly the origins of Brainiac, and his relationship with Jor-El. However, this part was too long, with plagued the second part, which was all about Kal-El’s arrival on Earth, and him fitting in as a teenager, then discovering where he came from. This was the most promising segment, but it suffered from a very short run time, which meant nothing could be fully explored. The final part was him as Clark Kent and as Superman, with him taking a job at the Daily Planet, and then his current topic to write on intersecting with his work as Earth’s saviour. I loved this part because it introduced the viewer to all the main characters, such as Lex Luthor and Perry White, and I won’t spoil it, but some excellent fight scenes and set pieces ensue, and that is where this film succeeds the most: with the action. The voice acting was fine, however, Jor-El was patchy, but I loved Lois Lane, as her actress had a powerful voice, which worked perfectly with the Lois character. Some of my favourite factors of this were Pa Kent, as normally he dies, and the brilliant cliffhanger ending. Overall, this film was satisfactory, and I got just enough out of it to warrant a second viewing, and if this was made to set up the series, it does a good job out of it.

I give Superman: Last Son of Krypton 7 out of 10.


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