Ever since concept art of acclaimed director Neill Blomkamp’s proposed Alien sequel was revealed on his Instagram page a few months ago, fans of the legendary horror sci-fi saga have been eager to see his brilliant designs put into action as a continuation of the series. Things were looking unlikely, as Sigourney Weaver hasn’t been taking many projects recently, and it also seemed like Ridley Scott and James Cameron, directors of the first two, had moved on to other money-making franchises.

The artwork shows some very interesting renditions of the saga’s most popular characters, including an incredibly detailed Xenomorph, some shots of Ripley and Hicks during the period of Aliens, and my personal favourite, a drawing of Ripley in a futuristic, Xenomorph-like combat suit.

To most fans, having these brilliant drawings turned into a feature-length continuation of the Alien saga would be the perfect way to restart the franchise, but also irrevocably far-fetched. However, fans will be ecstatic to hear that as of yesterday (19th February), Fox have hired Blomkamp to turn these pictures into a film.

Details are slim at the moment, but Blomkamp revealed on his Instagram that “I think it’s officially my next film”. We do know that he will direct, and that Ridley Scott, director of the 1979 original Alien, is going to produce, and that the sequel to the spinoff to the Alien series, Prometheus 2, is still set to be released. However, it’s unclear whether or not Sigourney Weaver, star of the 4 Alien films, will return for the fifth, or whether Michael Biehn, who played Hicks in Aliens and briefly in Alien 3 will return also.

This news is incredibly exciting for fans of the sci-fi series, especially after the failures of Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. Blomkamp has proven that he is a very talented sci-fi director, so let’s hope that under the guidance of the universe’s creator, Ridley Scott, fans of the Xenomorphs will be in for one last scare.

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