The relatively young year of 2015 has already introduced us to some TV gems, Better Call Saul and Agent Carter to name a few, but in my opinion there is one show that I have preferred to anything else I have seen this year so far. That show is Ibiza Weekender.

Yes, I normally prefer dramas and more serious shows to reality shows, but for Ibiza Weekender I will make an exception, simply because it is just so entertaining. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Ibiza Weekender details the day-to-day life of a hotel in Ibiza, where each episode two groups of holidaymakers head down to the party capital of the world. Most party-centric shows would spend the majority of their time focusing on the crazy antics of the guests or the massive nightclubs, but to set it aside from the rest, Ibiza Weekender introduces us to the holiday reps that run the resort, which adds a whole new dynamic to the show.

Over the course of the show, you really get to know and love the holiday reps, lead by Imogen, and when things take a turn in their relationships, you really get involved, which I absolutely love. Although just 2 episodes have been screened so far, I’m having such a good time with Ibiza Weekender that I end up re-watching those episodes whenever I get the chance because it is so easy to watch and endlessly entertaining.

One of the greatest factors of Ibiza Weekender is the interaction between the brilliant holiday reps and the fans on social networks such as Twitter. In fact, we’ve even managed to get an inside scoop on the next episode from one of the reps, Rachael:

Well there it is, my favourite new show of 2015, Ibiza Weekender. If you want to check it out (which I’d really advise), it’s on ITV2 at 9pm on Sundays, or you can catch up with the first two episodes on ITV Player.

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