As of January 2015, there are almost 58 million people subscribed to Netflix. What started off as a DVD rental company back in 1997 has grown to dominate the online media market, but we’ve already said plenty about that. After seeing this mentioned a few times around the web, and finding the appropriate tools, I have decided to start a brand new series that hopefully can allow me to interact with some of my readers. This is called Netflix Roulette.

I first stumbled upon the idea of Netflix Roulette after watching a series of videos with the same name on the YouTube channel Geekvolution. The presenter, Captain Logan, randomly selects a film to watch on Netflix, and then talks about it. I’ll leave one of these videos down here:

I think this would be an excellent idea to incorporate onto this site. For this reason, every Thursday evening, I will announce which film has been selected to be watched, and then on the Friday, I will watch it, with a review uploaded on the Saturday or the Sunday. I would also like to invite each and every person reading this to join in with me, because it’s a great way to communicate with the people that have helped me out so much. If you are interested in taking part, either leave a comment, email us at, or tweet us @thatfilmbloguk.

The website I will be using to select the films will be and I will be posting an image of the randomiser’s results on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, all @thatfilmbloguk. Intitially, I will select 9 lots of 8 random films, and in these lots I will pick one of them that I would like to watch and review. I will post the final 9 onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, then using a generator pick a random number between 1 and 9 to determine which one of them I will watch. I would love it if anyone, even if just one person, was interested in doing this with me, and I look forward to seeing the feedback we get from this new and exciting series.

Interested in joining in? Email us at, tweet us @thatfilmbloguk, or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!