Another week, another ‘What I’ve Watched’, so let’s get straight into it:

In no particular order (because I forgot):

Guardians of the Galaxy
Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony
Death at a Funeral
Video Games: The Movie

TV Shows
Arrow S3 E3
The Flash S1 E3
Power Rangers: Dino Thunder S1 E11-15

Film pick of the week: As you may have guessed, this week’s pick has to be Guardians of the Galaxy. The film perfectly blends futuristic, Star Wars style action with fun characters, and anincredible soundtrack (Hooked on a Feeling anyone?) with brilliant storytelling. Arguably the best comic-book film of the year, with only The Winter Soldier and Days of Future Past providing competiton, Guardians of the Galaxy is uplifiting, downright hilarous, and a guaranteed good time for the young and old.
However, Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi epic Interstellar isn’t too far off, and I really enjoyed the science behind the film, so much so that I bought The Science of Interstellar book by executive producer and world-renowned physicist Kip Thorne. Some of Matthew McConaughey’s best work yet, proving that his Hollywood comeback is in full swing, Interstellar is a roller coaster that I can’t wait to ride again when the Blu-Ray releases in 2015.
TV Show pick of the week: Unfortunately, I haven’t been too impressed with anything I’ve watched this week. Power Rangers was just a bit too campy and 60’s for my taste recently, and ever since the White Thunder three-parter, which was admittedly excellent, the show has lacked any motivation or drive, and all I’ve seen are filler episodes, just waiting for the next big setup to arrive. I wasn’t a huge fan of this week’s Arrow entry, so much so that I’ve not seen the latest episodes, and I’ve all but formally announced my discontinuation of watching Gotham. However, in a week that was a bit of a dud, episode 3 of The Flash did manage to impress me. The excellent writing and likeable characters give the show such great promise, and if it continues to improve at such a rate, in a few years we could be labelling this as the greatest superhero show ever to grace our screens.