Well, it’s been a while. Remember us?

Over the past 12 months, there’s been a distinct lack of content on this blog. I could reel off excuses as to why this is the case, but I’m aware nobody wants to hear any of that. Instead of dwelling on the past, this post marks a fresh beginning: a return to a regular post schedule, more varied content, to how this blog functioned well over a year ago.

With the onset of summer comes more free time, which means more time to watch films: personally, I’ve been on a film or two a day for the past week and have no intentions of slowing, and over the coming days will begin writing some reviews for the films I’ve been watching. My reviews likely won’t be as long (I find more than 1,000 words tends to drag when reading), but will hopefully be more professional and well-written. Feature articles, and the odd news post will also be returning, alongside some of the other post types that have been covered here before: expect some new Netflix Roulette posts, some new Top 10 lists and some retrospectives on the impact some of our favourite films have had.

Some of you may remember last summer that some TV-based articles became frequent over here, with daily posts on BoJack Horseman series 3 following its release last July. Expect the same this year: I’ll definitely be reviewing series 4 when it drops, as doing it last year was a lot of fun, and expect a review on each episode of Game of Thrones series 7 the day after their transmission. Of course, this won’t replace film-based content, rather acting as supplementary content.

As was the case before, the upload schedule will be as follows: a review of a film every Sunday evening, and a feature article every Wednesday evening – both at 7pm UK time – so afternoon if you’re from America. As mentioned, news articles and TV articles will be supplementary to the upload schedule, so our posts should be coming to you at least three times a week.

One thing to stress is that we’re more than happy to take requests of films to review, or articles to write: shoot us an email at thatfilmbloguk@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to get around to your request.

One last thing before we stop with the barrage of information: we’ve opened a music-related blog over at http://www.thatmusicbloguk.wordpress.com, so feel free to check that out if you’re interested in music. No concrete upload schedule yet (that’ll come once things have stabilised over here), but be on the lookout for reviews and news.

So, we’re back. It’s been a while, but it’s time to return to how things once were. We’ll catch you every Sunday for a review and Wednesday for a feature.