Just over a week ago, the second full trailer for Captain America: Civil War finally dropped, and after months of build-up in the comic book movie sphere, we’ve finally got our first glimpse of Tom Holland as Spider-Man, the first time the wall-crawler will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Sony Pictures came to an agreement with Marvel Studios in early 2015. And even though we’ve barely seen five seconds of Holland doing whatever a spider can, many are thinking that he may well end up being the best Spider-Man yet.

And they have quite fair reason. From just those few seconds we get in the trailer, there is already so much we can pick up on to suggest that Civil War‘s Spidey is going to be the most faithful to the comics, and therefore the best.

The first thing to consider is how he is introduced: a trademark witty remark from Iron Man, once again played by Robert Downey Jr. In the comics, Peter Parker has been portrayed as a protege to Tony Stark, which made the conflict between the two shown in the Civil War comic all the more shocking for fans. Although we can’t yet comment on whether or not they will come to blows at some point in the film – with a run time of 149 minutes it’d be surprising if they didn’t trade a punch or two – it’s definitely fair to say that the relationship Spider-Man shares with Iron Man in the comics is going to transcend into the film.

The next piece of evidence for Tom Holland perhaps being the best Spidey yet is the costume he nabs Captain America’s shield in. It’s easily the most comic-loyal suit we’ve seen yet, riffing wonderfully from the original Spider-Man comics and the cartoon that aired in the 1960s. This is set to be the most practical suit yet, with back-up canisters filled with webbing if Spidey runs out and artificial web-blasters, as you can see in the images below (credit to  for finding these and apologies for the low-quality screencaps). And most significantly, there’s the eyes. The feature that caused the most uproar in the comic book movie scene, these are very loyal to the comics, altering in size as Peter moves his eyes, a la Deadpool in this year’s runaway smash-hit.

spidey analysis


Finally, there’s the voice. Spidey only utters two words in this trailer, but they perfectly show off the wall-crawler’s sharp wit and cockiness, something that has been distinctly lacking at points in Spider-Man’s cinematic forays due to some pretty depressing subject matter. Not only does the line perfectly encapsulate Spider-Man’s personality, but Tom Holland’s voice is also perfect for it. His voice isn’t as deep and manly as Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man was, but rather shares more elements with Tobey Maguire’s take on the character. This suggests quite strongly that Peter is still going to be in high school at the time this film takes place.

With a month or so until Captain America: Civil War comes out, and with barely any footage of Marvel Studios’ take on the web-slinger, there’s already plenty of evidence to indicate that Tom Holland is going to be the most faithful, most fun and best Spider-Man yet. He’s got the perfect costume design, the brilliant interplay with the Avengers that fans have been pining for since the MCU originated in 2008, and perhaps the best casting we’ve ever seen for this character. It does remain to be seen, but from what we’ve already got, it would take a lot for Holland’s Spider-Man to not blow it out the water.