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+ incredibly dark and brooding tone

+ very well shot – especially for a 90s film

+ pretty gruesome – faithful to comics

– beginning feels incredibly dated – hasn’t aged well

+ awesome action

+ most of the special effects still hold up

+ fantastic direction

– script is quite poorly written – bag of clichés

+ Wesley Snipes is terrific as Blade

– not keen on Blade’s costume

+ surprisingly scary at times e.g. hospital scene

+ Snipes is both hilarious and brooding – great performance

+ a few very well shot momnets

+ music is pretty eerie at times

+ clever way to debunk criticisms of vampire mythology

– police chase scene feels so old

– dialogue is full of exposition

– very tonally mixed

+ surpisingly funny

+ well choreographed fight scenes

– some of the effects are incredibly bad

+ Blade is a fully visualised and fantastic character

+ Deacon Frost is a good villain – conniving, evil and brutal

+ some unexpected plot twists keep the plot fresh

+ Whistler is a brilliant character – gives great comic relief

+ twist involving Blade’s mother is fantastic – so unexpected

– Blade’s blood being a MacGuffin is a bit too coincidental

– does get a bit ludicrous towards the end e.g. electricity surging through the vampire’s heads

– vampire skeletons flying out of the vampires?

– Deacon’s assistant simply cannot act

– some scenes are impossible to comprehend thanks to shaky cam

– ending feels rush and leaves quite a lot to be desired

In our review, we gave Blade 4 stars. You can read the full written review here.