This month has been quite good for my viewing, so there’s quite a lot on here. However, this month there will not be a Blu-Ray/DVD update, simply because I didn’t buy anything in February, but don’t worry, I’ve got some things I want to pick up in the month of March. Let’s get into it:


  1. Goldfinger
  2. Pineapple Express
  3. The Machine
  4. Cool Runnings
  5. Green Zone
  6. Attack the Block
  7. 21 Jump Street
  8. Moonraker
  9. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Film pick of the month – This month, my obvious choice is Cool Runnings. When I watched it for Netflix Roulette #2, I wasn’t entirely excited, but I absolutely loved it. It’s very upbeat and joyful, and has something for everyone. I beg you not to be as naive as me, and to give Cool Runnings a chance, because trust me, it’s worth it.

TV Shows

  1. Community S1E1
  2. Arrow S3E5
  3. Beware the Batman E1-2
  4. Ibiza Weekender E1-3
  5. Bangkok Airport E4
  6. Breaking Bad S2E1-3
  7. The Flash S1E6
  8. Game of Thrones S1E1
  9. Parks and Recreation S1E1

TV pick of the month – This is a hard one, because I watched such a wide variety of shows that I enjoyed, so I’m going to pick three shows this time. Is that cheating? Oh well. My first pick is obviously Breaking Bad. I’ve already said quite a lot about it, but all you need to know is that there is no other TV show quite like Breaking Bad. Unlike some shows, you can see that a lot of care has gone into the cinematography, and Bryan Cranston as Walter White is easily the best TV character of all time in my opinion. My second choice is Game of Thrones. I didn’t really want to watch it when one of my friends told me to, because I knew I’d get hooked and end up binge-watching it, but luckily, I’ve decided to hold back on watching any more Game of Thrones until I’ve finished Breaking Bad, so quite a while. The sets on Game of Thrones are some of the best in recent memory, and the whole design of Westeros, alongside the absorbing and brutal story, have made it one of my favourite shows of all time, even though I’m just an hour in. My final choice is a massive deviation from the previous two, but it is Ibiza Weekender. It’s a reality TV show, but I’ve already mentioned that here, and although they usually aren’t my cup of tea, I’m so absorbed into Ibiza Weekender. It’s a great show, and I highly recommend giving it a try, because it’s so light and easy to watch, that when I’m on a Breaking Bad fatigue, it’s the perfect thing to check out.

Well, there we have it, what I’ve watched in the month of February 2015. Make sure to stay tuned for the March edition at the beginning of April, and also look out for reviews of some of the films and shows mentioned above. Thanks for reading!


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