As of 16:57 on 15th February, this blog is currently hovering around 978 views. When I started the blog in November 2014, I never expected that it would garner this much attention, and I’ll be honest that I set myself the target of 1000 views by the end of this year, so to hit it within 2 months is absolutely phenomenal, and I would like to thank you all so much.

To celebrate this remarkable achievement, I’m going to have a week where there is a lot more content than normal. First and foremost, the day we hit 1000 views I will upload My Top 10 Films of All Time. I’m incredibly excited for this because I’ve seen around 250 films, which is quite modest, and I’m very much looking forward to revisiting some of my favourites to compile this list. I do have an idea of the top 3 or 4, but other than that I’m going to be spending a lot of time looking for the others, and hopefully it’ll be very in-depth. At this rate, we’ll hit 1000 either tomorrow (16th February) or Tuesday (17th February), so the chances are it will be up on one of those days.

Also included in the 100 View Week will be bonus instalments of both Netflix Roulette and Amazon Instant Video Roulette, since the the reception for both series has been very good. The draw for Netflix Roulette 3 will take place tomorrow (16th February), and we’ll have a review up the same day, and the Amazon Roulette draw will take place on Tuesday (17th February), with a review up the same day, so keep your eyes peeled to our Twitter for more information on that.

From now up until Saturday 21st February, I’m going to to try and upload at least one review a day. I’ve got a few films in mind that I would like to review, including Alien and Pitch Black, but if you have any requests whatsoever for a film to be reviewed drop us a line at and I’ll do my best to watch and review your pick within a week.

On top of all this, we will still be uploading articles on all the big film news and a few opinion pieces here and there, so make sure you stick around for what should be a very exciting week indeed. To every single one of you who has checked the blog out and supported us throughout this time, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means the world. Please stick around, because as we grow we will be moving onto big and better things, and I’d love to have every single one of you come on this journey with me. Once again, many thanks.


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