When I debuted the ‘Netflix Roulette’ series, I didn’t expect it to get nearly half the reception that it did. In fact, it’s been the most successful debut of a new series yet on this blog, and we’ve got a lot of views, which has been absolutely great. Last weekend, I got Amazon Prime Instant Video, and to spruce up my viewing patterns, I’ve decided to start Amazon Instant Video Roulette.

However, this is not going to be the same format as Netflix Roulette. Instead of totally randomising everything on the whole library, I’ve got a list containing all the films that I would be willing to watch for this series. I will select a random number, and watch whichever one is selected, with a review up the next day.

The draw for Amazon Instant Video Roulette will take place on a Friday night, I will watch it on the Saturday and a review will be up either late Saturday night or Sunday. Please not that Netflix Roulette will run simultaneously, so expect to see both video streaming sites going hand in hand for this blog.

There’s not that much left to say on this, since it’s mostly already been explained on the Netflix Roulette article, and I will attach the file containing all of the films that have been selected somewhere in this article. As with Netflix Roulette, if you want to join in please let me know, as it would be a great way to communicate with you guys.

Amazon Prime Instant Video Watchlist