If you know your stuff regarding the comic book world, particularly in film, there is one thing you pine for, that you want more than anything. That is, of course, for Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and to be part of Marvel Studios’ empire. While the rights to the character haven’t fully been reverted back to Marvel Studios, fans of the webhead are now able to see their hero alongside Marvel’s elites.

Yes, you heard that right. Yesterday (9th February), it was confirmed that Spider-Man would feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with his own solo outing due for release in July 2017. Although that is all we have regarding Spidey’s appearances, it’s safe to assume that he will feature in Marvel’s biggest film(s) yet, Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2, which are due to combine all the characters you already know and love such as Iron Man and Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and now also Spider-Man. However, this incredible breakthrough has come at a price. Spider-Man, which is the placeholder name for the standalone 2017 reboot, is to be released on July 28th 2017, which was previously the release date for Thor: Ragnarok. Personally, I would have preferred to see Thor instead of Spider-Man, mainly due to the scale that Ragnarok is set to bring, but let’s be honest, who can’t wait to see a new Spider-Man? Also pushed back are Black Panther, now due for July 6th 2018, Captain Marvel for November 2nd 2018, and finally Inhumans, now set to be released on July 12th 2019. But don’t fret, because the release dates for both parts of Avengers: Infinity War have stayed the same, which means that we will almost definitely see Spidey in both of these instalments.

We also know that Marvel Studios’ head honcho Kevin Feige is on to produce, alongside Sony exec Amy Pascal, but at this moment, everything else regarding directors and actors are just rumours. It’s unclear whether or not Andrew Garfield will lose his role as Spider-Man, but after the frosty reception of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it’s more than likely that we’ve seen the back of the hipster hero. Some people are thinking that instead of opting for Peter Parker, Spider-Man will feature Miles Morales, the African-American incarnation of the webhead, which would also make the reboot the first in either of Marvel and DC’s slates to focus primarily on an African-American hero, because of the delays to Black Panther, and the fact that Cyborg won’t be hitting our screens until 2020.

In my opinion, this is absolutely terrific news. Gone are the days when comic fans like myself are left disappointed by the offerings of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and although they still have creative control, knowing that Feige and the rest of the Marvel Studios team are onboard too means that the character will be done justice, hopefully translating into the best Spider-Man feature yet. Finally, we have what we want, now we just need to make sure we savour the moment Spidey fights alongside the Avengers.

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