As I’m sure all of you know, recently Sony has been hacked for as of present unknown reasons, leading to emails being leaked, a Spectre draft being available to the public, and reputations being ruined. In some ways, it shows the issues with the film industry. Some of the emails sent back and forth by high-ranking Sony employees have brought out a nasty side to a medium loved by all ages, and if this has only been outed because of hacks, what else could be out there, lurking on a worker’s computer.

Originally, I was going to write an article summarising some of the reasons Sony may have been hacked, the details from the leaks, and also the positives we could take from this. However, recently, there have been developments that have let to me refraining from doing so. Earlier today (December 15th), screenwriter and Sony collaborator Aaron Sorkin expressed his disappointment of media outlets that have trawled through the emails and scripts and reported on them calling the outlets “morally treasonous”, and Brad Pitt and Seth Rogen have also expressed their unhappiness. Sony have also said that if media outlets publish these sensitive details, there could be serious repercussions. As we are a small blog, it seems, therefore, illogical to publish these. Recently, we have really started to grow as a blog, and our audience, although small, is growing steadily, and it would be silly to throw it all away by risking the site’s closure by publishing this.

However, this is not the only reason we have not commented on these matters. Earlier today, the hacker group behind the leaks, released a statement regarding those who go to see the film. I have decided against reproducing this statement on this blog due to its frankly terrifying message, but should you wish to read it I will leave a link to the Den of Geek article containing the statement below.

Unfortunately, these hacks have exposed the worst parts of the film industry, and as a lover of film, it deeply saddens me to see that those who can provide so much entertainment can also have the capacity to be so cruel.

Den of Geek article:

BBC News article regarding media outlets reporting on the leaks:

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